Dr. James E. Alatis Honored as TIRF Trustee Emeritus

At the September 2013 Board of Trustees meeting, Dr. James E. Alatis (known to us as Jim) was honored as a Trustee Emeritus. At that event, Trustees Kathi Bailey, Richard Boyum, MaryAnn Christison, and Dick Tucker shared their thoughts with Jim about his influence on the Foundation and the field. Jim’s wife, Penny, and son, Anthony, also shared in the festivities.

There are several videos below that were taken at the event. We hope you will join us in congratulating Jim as we celebrate this important milestone. Congratulations, Jim!

 Jim Alatis with Kathi Bailey & Richard Boyum


Jim Alatis with MaryAnn Christison


Jim Alatis with Dick Tucker


Jim & Penny Alatis and Plaque Presentation

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On Dec 22, 2013: Marija Liudvika Drazdauskiene said:
I congratulate Dr Alatis and should like to thank him sincerely as his words in an interview published in the ET FORUM several years ago restored my relations with Professor Marianne Celce-Murcia, Director of the Summer Programme for the Soviet Teachers of English at UCLA in 1976, in which I was a participant. I have kept active correspondence with Marianne ever since sharing experience in the teaching of English grammar and the pleasures of daily life. I still return in my thoughts and engagements to the summer of 1976 and Professor Celce-Murcia means so much to me. Many thanks and congratulations to Doctor Alatis from a dedicated academic and stranger.
On Dec 17, 2013: Lawrennce Jun Zhang said:
This is a wonderful project. Congratulations to TIRF Trustees and staff! This series of video also reminds me of my personal encounter with Jim (Professor James E. Alatis). I got a chance to meet Jim at the TESOL Convention 1994, Baltimore, Maryland, when he was Dean of the School of Linguistics and Languages at Georgetown University. That was my first trip to the US and the serendipity of meeting him led to his offering me a scholarship to do my PhD at his School (as a Teaching Assistant) in the Department of Chinese and Japanese. When I was selected to be the recipient of the TESOL Award for Distinguished Research in 2011, I was excited and at the same time thanked him for his willingness and generosity! He is a great leader in TESOL! I wish him well in the coming years!

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