TIRF is pleased to make the following resources available to teachers, researchers, parents, graduate students, program administrators, and the general public free of charge:

The reference lists are meant to be dynamic tools. They are stored as downloadable Word documents so that anyone can use them to start a research report, provide a conference presentation handout, locate needed information, and so on.

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On Apr 09, 2014: TIRF said:
@Obie Noe B. Madalang -- We are pleased to receive your encouraging message - thank you for your kind words! We strive to serve the field of English language teaching, learning, and research, and we are happy that you have found our work to be useful to you. ~ Ryan Damerow, Executive Assistant, TIRF
On Apr 09, 2014: Obie Noe B. Madalang said:
Since I joined IATEFL, doors and windows were opened for me to walk through and see through different possibilities in improving my craft as an English language teacher. One of these doors is TIRF. Through TIRF, I hope I can leave a major legacy as a language teacher. Thank you for all the helpful information.
On Jul 17, 2013: Sony Padickal said:
I appreciate the good works done by TIRF in supporting the learners of English. thanks a lot.
On Dec 30, 2012: MurtazaG said:
I've been teaching English as a foreign/second language for the last 27 years and come to the conclusion that there must be an outcome of my long way back vision and perception in terms of an independent research. What I have found interesting and motivating is the area of exposing oneself into a new language and the obstacles through which one makes his efforts to get through. I'm looking for a topic/a thesis query which can involve me doing the job even more interesting. I'll appreciate if anyone can extend his/her views searching and finding a potentially acceptable problem for my PhD beginning.
On Dec 13, 2010: TIRF said:
@Jim -- Here is one thought. There is a useful book for people in your situation. It is called "More Than a Native Speaker: An Introduction for Volunteers Teaching English Abroad." It is by Don Snow and it can be purchased via amazon.com for about $3.00. I know the title refers to teaching abroad, but the ideas in it would be good for your situation too. Also, depending on where you live, you might want to contact the local TESOL affiliate. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an international association of English teaching professionals world wide, but it has affiliates throughout the US. To find out if there is an affiliate in the area where you live, please go to http://www.tesol.org/s_tesol/seccss.asp?CID=160&DID=1630 The members of that affiliate might be able to suggest local resources, or you might be able to attend a local conference to get ideas. Good luck! Kathi Bailey (TIRF President)
On Dec 10, 2010: TIRF said:
@ Ryan - You are very welcome!
On Dec 10, 2010: Jim Caster said:
She is 40 and speaks a little english, mostly from asking me all the time. She will be here in the US permanently. We have comitted to learning but the choices are extensive. She does read some english. Thank you
On Dec 09, 2010: TIRF said:
@ Jim – Thanks for your question. Can you please tell us a bit more information? How old is your friend? What is their purpose for learning English (e.g., work, school, travel, etc.)? Do they live in an English-speaking country or are they somewhere else? Thanks, Kathi Bailey
On Dec 09, 2010: TIRF said:
@ Ryan – We’re happy to make these resources available to the public! You’re very welcome! - TIRF
On Dec 06, 2010: Jim Caster said:
I am looking for the best method to teach a Thai friend english....could you help with the answer to that question. It will all be done at home Thank you
On Nov 10, 2010: Joanne said:
I'm very impressed with how comprehensive these resources are. Nice job in researching and compiling all of these lists. Thanks so much!
On Nov 08, 2010: Ryan said:
I really appreciate TIRF's efforts in making links, journals, and reference lists available to the public for free! Ryan

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