Reference Lists Updated In Time for New Semester!

Just in time for the start of new academic semesters around the world, TIRF is pleased to report to its readers that there have been major updates to its “References” section of its website. Please be sure to share this information widely with your colleagues!

Several new topics have been added to TIRF’s website. For example, TIRF is now featuring lists on “Sign Language and the Deaf Community,” “Interpretation and Translation,” “Genre” and “Test Preparation.” Pre-existing lists that have been updated include, for example, “Project-based Learning and Teaching,” “Intelligibility,” “Corporate in Language Learning and Teaching,” “Willingness to Communicate,” “Washback and Test Impact,” “Speaking in L2 Contexts,” and many more.

Many thanks are due to Renee Jourdenais, who shared the reference lists from a book she co-edited on interpretation. We are also grateful to Kelly Donovan, Kendall Hornbacher, Nick Morales, and Kathi Bailey for their diligent work on TIRF’s reference lists. To utilize our reference lists for free, please click here.