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On Jun 05, 2012: TIRF said:
@Li Luo - We're very pleased to receive your comment! There are many ways you can get involved with TIRF. First, I'm going to add your email address to our e-newsletter mailing list. Each month, we send a two-page newsletter to about 1,500 recipients. Please feel free to forward it to anyone who may be interested. Second, have you found the resources section of TIRF's website? If not, be sure to check out and share the various reference lists we have available and pass along this information to your colleagues. Here's the link: www.tirfonline.org/resources You might also benefit from knowing about TIRF's "English in the Workforce" initiative. We have published two papers which explore the role of English in the international workforce. We are currently accepting case reports for a commissioned research paper on the topic of online language teacher education. www.tirfonline.org/english-in-the-workforce If you have any comments or questions, just let us know. Thanks for your interest in TIRF! -- Ryan
On Jun 01, 2012: Li Luo said:
Dear TIRF, I'm Li from Indonesia. I'm an English Teacher for kids and really glad to find this foundation. Any idea how can I participate in this foundation? I'm willing to dedicate. Thanks Greeting! Li

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