This section of the website is devoted to what is going on in the TIRF community. We have divided this section into interviews, maps and timelines, milestones, and projects.

The “Interviews” page will be conducted with people who work with TIRF or have benefited from TIRF’s support in some way. By posting these interviews we hope to highlight the achievements of such individuals and share their attainments with visitors to our website.

The “Maps & Timelines” section is dedicated to showing the international reach TIRF’s programs have had over the years. As of October 2014, there is one timeline available and one map available. The timeline demonstrates TIRF’s activities, events, and accomplishments. The map provides information about TIRF’s grant recipients, their studies, and their hometowns.

Milestones” has to do with significant accomplishments of individuals related to TIRF in some way. Such milestones may be awards, appointments, recognition for service or outstanding achievements, and other honors.

The “Projects” section focuses on individuals, schools, programs and other organizations whose work is related the foundation’s mission. Here our intent is to share success stories about research, publications and presentations, and English language education and the development of bilingual and multilingual skills in a range of settings around the world. We also wish to document the impact of TIRF’s attempts to  influence policy makers and the general public around the world.

The “Conferences” section serves as an opportunity for us to share information about conference opportunities related to language teaching and learning. In this section, we will periodically post like-minded organizations’ call for papers, registration information, and other conference-related announcements. If you would like to suggest a conference for us to publicize, please send an email to the address just below.

If you would like to suggest some content to be added to this section of the website, please write to with your ideas.