H. Douglas Brown“TIRF is focused, it’s within your own profession, it’s global, it’s already making a difference,
and your contribution, however great or small, will make significant changes worldwide.”
H. Douglas Brown, Director, American Language Institute, San Francisco State University


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Why You Should Give to TIRF

In this section, we share notes from several of our past DDG recipients. Their notes communicate how their awards were used to support their research endeavors, and these individuals also thank donors for their contributions. Click here to read the DDG recipients’ message and consider donating to TIRF.

Why I Give to TIRF

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TIRF Founding Donor – Betty Azar

Between 2005 and 2008, TIRF-sponsored research was funded by a substantial grant from Betty Azar, author of the Azar Grammar Series (Pearson Longman). Her generous donation funded five Priority Research Grants and six Doctoral Dissertation Grants to assess the effectiveness of principled approaches to teaching grammar to adult English language learners around the world.

Betty Azar began teaching ESL in 1965 at Iowa State University. Her classroom needs over the years led her to writing ESL/EFL materials that eventually became a series of grammar-based textbooks. The first book in the Azar series, Understanding and Using English Grammar, was published in 1981. She then wrotetwo other texts, Basic English Grammar and Fundamentals of English Grammar, creating the Azar Grammar Series, a staple in English language teaching worldwide. Betty is a strong advocate of a grammar-based developmental skills approach to English language teaching. Her texts use grammar as a base for developing all language skill areas. The Azar Grammar Series (now the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series), is now in its 4th edition and has been used by millions of English language learners over the past 30 years. Betty is now retired and lives in the state of Washington in the US. For more information about Betty Azar and grammar-based teaching, visit the Author’s Corner at

The Foundation is grateful to Betty for her long-term support of research related to effective teaching and learning of English.