English At Work – Case Reports

TIRF’s 2012 commissioned study, English at Work: An Analysis of Case Reports about English Language Training for the 21st-century Workforce, included summaries of a total of twenty case reports. In order to provide more information about the specifics of each individual training program, we are including some basic information about each case report in this table. 

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Click on any of the titles below to view the case report. 

Title of Study
Organization of Author(s)
Location of Training

1. Professional English course for nurses and healthcare professionals
By Cuca Righini and Vinicius Nobre
Associação Cultura Inglesa
São Paulo, Brazil
11. English for a Hispanic sales and marketing executive
By Angela Edmonds
Language Training Center, Inc.
Indianapolis, USA
2. English development program for teachers in Abu Dhabi
By Alison Currie
CfBT Education Trust & Abu Dhabi Education Counci
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
12. The blind and visually impaired and the deaf and hearing impaired
By Jack Lonergan
LTL Training
St Albans, UK
3. English for customs and excise
By Claire Hart
Language Consultant
Bayreuth, Germany
13. English for diplomats
By Lawrence Lawson
Custom Language Services
Monterey, California, USA
4. Linguapeace Europe
By Boian Savtchev and Jack Lonergan
European Centre for Education and Training
Sofia, Bulgaria
14. Japanese dentists improving their English
By Courtney Pahl
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Monterey, USA
5. Language skills for Japanese executives
By Anne Delaney
Excelsior English
San Diego, USA
15. Language coaching for professional, vocational, and academic needs
By Susan K. Doll
Oxford Intensive School of English, Boston
Boston, USA
6. Teaching English to nursing and midwifery students in Switzerland
By Cristina Vieira Oberholzer
Flying Teachers
Zürich, Switzerland
16. Workplace training at a retirement facility
By David Kertzner
ProActive English
Northern California, USA
7. Military-specific terminology and use in time-sensitive radio communications
By Roger Embree
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
17. Pathways to employment and training in Australia
By Amanda McKay
Technical and Further Education, South Australia
South Australia
8. Intensive English program for students in Lebanon
Nahida Al Assi Farhat
Hariri Canadian University
Mechref, Lebanon
18. English for the business and public administration sectors
By Sky Lantz-Wagner
Tongren University
Guizhou, China
9. English language and non-proliferation training program
Lisa Donohoe Luscombe
James Martin Center for Non-proliferation Studies
Monterey, USA
19. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Switzerland
By Debra Ali-Lawson
Bern University of Applied Sciences
Bern, Switzerland
10. Nursing and medical technology
Najma Janjua
Kagawa Prefectural University of Health Sciences
Takamatsu, Japan
20. Business communication in Hong Kong
By Clarice S. C. Chan
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China

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