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As of August 2017, the DDG program has resulted in 114 grantees from 24 countries, including Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, England, Iran, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Scotland, Sudan, Taiwan, Turkey, the United States, and Vietnam. Click here to see a map of our grantees’ hometown. (Please note that the 2017 DDG awardees will soon be added to this map.)


Alisha Biler

The Role of Content Word Overlap in Second Language Reading

Friederike Sell

Mental Effort in Pragmatic Competence: The Role of Working Memory in L2 Pragmatic Production

Giang Hoang

Exploring Automated Corrective Feedback in EFL Writing Classroom Context: A Case Study of Criterion

Heidi Liu Banerjee

Investigating the Construct of Topical Knowledge in a Scenario-Based Assessment Designed to Simulate Real-Life Second Language Use

Jacqueline Grossart

An Investigation into Plagiarism in Second-Language (L2) Writing

Jin-Kyeong Jung

Digital Technology for English Language Learning of Non-dominant Adolescents across Borders

Kathryn Accurso

Systemic Functional Linguistics and the New Knowledge Base of Teaching: Preparing Secondary Educators in the Context of Globalization

Nhu-Hien Luong Phan

Teacher Support Needs of ELT Teachers at Foreign Language Centres: A Multiple-case Study

Norbella Miranda

Colombian Education Policy for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language: Its Appropriation in the Classroom

Özgür Şahan (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

The Impact of Rater Experience And Essay Quality On Rater Behavior And Scoring

Shakina Rajendram

Shared Language, Shared Learning: The Role of Multilingual Learners’ First Language in Scaffolding Collaborative English as a Second Language Learning

Soobin Yim

Digital Literacy in Academic Settings: Synchronous Collaborative Writing among Linguistically Diverse Students

Su Jin Park

A Safe House for Korean (Im)migrant Women in the US: A Feminist Cyber-ethnography of Korean (Im)migrant Mothers’ Investment in Learning English Online and their Identity Shifts

Tabitha Kidwell

Navigating Cultural Divides: The Learning, Practices, and Beliefs of Novice Indonesian Teachers of English

Thi Hoai Thu Tran

Policy and Practice of English as a Medium of Instruction in Vietnamese Tertiary EFL Contexts

Thi Lan Anh Tran

Exploring ELT Tertiary Teachers’ Research Engagement and Research Efficacy Development: A Case Study

Tobie Bass

Immigration Policies Circulating in ESOL Professional Development with K-12 Teachers

William Cook

Space, Scale, and Language Policy Performativity in the United Arab Emirates

YeonJoo Jung

The Role of Socially-mediated Alignment in the Development of Second Language Grammar and Vocabulary: Comparing Face-to-face and Synchronous Mobile-mediated Communication

Honorable Mentionees:

  • Jungwan Yoon; The Pennsylvania State University; Writing Beyond the Obvious: The Effects of Tasks and Source Texts on Student Writing in ESL Freshman Composition
  • Sin Yu Cherry Chan; The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Second Language Identities and Study Abroad: Multiple Case Studies of Hong Kong English Teacher Education Majors in a Short-term Study Abroad Program in the UK
  • Thanh Luan Nguyen; The University of Newcastle, Australia; Investigating Students’ Perceptions of Vietnamese Tertiary English Education



Angelica Galante

Exploring the Impact of Plurilingual Education on Adult English Language Learners’ Linguistic and Cultural Repertoire

Christopher Van Booven (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Assessing Interactional Affordances and Gains in the Study Abroad Homestay and the Language Classroom: A Conversation-Analytic Approach

Crissa Stephens

Language Policy and Multilingual Identity at Home and in School

Daisuke Kimura

Ecology of English as a Lingua Franca, Plurilingualism, and Social Relationships: A Longitudinal Investigation of an English-medium International Program in Thailand

Hyung-Jo Yoon

Investigating the Interactions among Genre, Task Complexity, and Proficiency in L2 Writing: A Comprehensive Text Analysis and Study of Learner Perceptions

Jessie Curtis

Building Multilingual Communities of Practice

Laura Ballard

The Effects of Primacy on Rater Cognition: An Eye-tracking Study

Laura Hamman

Language and Identity in Dual Language Immersion: A Comparative Study of Being and Becoming Bilingual

Marianne Blattès

English-medium Instruction in French Higher Education: Competing Ideologies, Policies and Practices

Mikako Nishikawa

Test-takers’ Cognitive Processes during Integrated Writing Tasks Which Use Multiple Texts and Graphs as Prompts

Minjin Lee

Exploring the Pedagogical Potential of Multimodal Input-based Tasks: A Study of Captioning, Textual Enhancement, and Working Memory Using Eye-tracking

Naoki Ikeda

Exploring Construct and Practicality of an Interactional Test for L2 Oral Pragmatic Performance

Nicole Pettitt

Refugee Women’s Social Identities and Community Integration

Rebecca Bergey

Exploring the Use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as a Source of Professional Development for Teachers of English Language Learners (ELLs)

Ron Darvin

Digital Identities, Educational Inequities: Investigating Social Class and New Literacies of Migrant Filipino Youth in the Knowledge Economy

Simon Davidson

Investigating and Revising the Standards Set on the Occupational English Test’s (OET) Writing Sub-test

Takashi Oba

Form-focused Practice and Corrective Feedback in EFL Classrooms: The Role of Analytical Ability and Working Memory

Trent Newman

Understanding University Lecturers’ Perspectives on Plurilingualism as Communicative Resource in Development Related Industries in Timor-Leste

Yan Chen

Conceptualizing a Culture-based Mobile-assisted Narrative Writing Practice for Young English Learners from the Perspective of Funds of Knowledge

Yongfei Wu

Relationships among Students’ Perceptions of and Reactions to Teacher Feedback, Self-regulation, and Academic Achievement in the Chinese Tertiary EFL Context


Bai Ying

A Students’ Perspective on a High-stakes Test and its Effects on Test Performance

Emily Evans Fanaeian

Preparing Pre-service Teachers for Working with Linguistically Diverse Students: Examining University Teacher Preparation Programs across the United States

Freek Olaf de Groot

Integrating Out-of-class Digital Literacy Development and English Language Learning Practices with Classroom Language Learning and Teaching in Thailand

Jin Bi

Bilingualism and Cognitive Control: A Comparison of Sequential and Simultaneous Bilinguals

Jookyoung Jung

The Effects of Task Complexity on the Difficulty of L2 Reading Test: An Eye-tracking Study

Le Duc Manh

English Primary Teachers’ Agency: A Case Study of Vietnam

Rooh Ul Amin

Situating the Self: Identity and Power Relationships in a Pakistani ESL Classroom

Takahiro Yokoyama

The Impact of TESOL Teacher Education on Job Satisfaction for Native English Speakers Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in Japan

Tomoyo Okuda

The Writing Center as a Globalized Pedagogy: A Case Study of an Internationalized University in Japan

Virak Chan

Medium-of-Instruction Policies in Higher Education in Cambodia

Xu Yueting

Assessment Literacy of University English Teachers in China: A Mixed Methods Study

Yi Mei (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Understanding Essay Rating as a Socially Mediated Activity: The Case of a High-Stakes English Test in China

Yu-Chi Wang

Investigating Identities of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in an Afterschool Book Club


Aziz Khan

A Narrative Ethnography of Teachers’ Language Perceptions, Preferences, and Practices in a Multilingual Context, and its Implications for Language-in-Education Policy and Planning

Bal Sharma

The Commodification and Representation of Nepal in International Tourism

Eloise Caporal-Ebersold

Language Policy and Practices in Early Childhood Education: A Case Study of an English – French Bilingual Crèche in Strasbourg

Espen Stranger-Johannessen

Digital Storytelling, Early Reading, and the African Storybook Project

Hiromi Takayama

Professional Development in Japanese Non-native English Speaking Teachers’ Identity and Efficacy

Iftikhar Haider (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Re-Envisioning Assessment of Inter-language Pragmatics (ILP) through Computer Mediated Communicative Tasks

Jeffrey Mehring

An Exploratory Study of the Lived Experiences of Japanese Undergraduate EFL Students in the Flipped Classroom

Jia Ma

Chinese Students’ Journey to Success on Highstakes English Language Tests: Nature, Effects and Values of Their Test Preparation

Jin Kyoung Hwang

Adolescent Language Minority Students’ Vocabulary Growth: Exploring Heterogeneity with Multilevel Analysis

Jing Wei

Assessing Speakers of World Englishes: The Roles of Rater Language Background, Language Attitude and Training

Justin Cubilo

Video-Mediated Listening Passages and Typed Notetaking: Investigating Their Impact on Comprehension, Test Structure, and Item Performance

Katherine O’Donnell Christoffersen

Language Choice and Code-switching among Sequential and Simultaneous Bilingual children: An Analysis of Grammatical, Functional and Identity-related Patterns

Ksan Rubadeau

An Exploration of English Language Teacher Educators’ Cognitions and Practices in Relation to the Pedagogical Purposes and Efficacies of 21st Century Digital Technologies

Muhammad Asif Qureshi

Age and Knowledge of Morphosyntax in English as an Additional Language: Grammatical Judgment and Error Correction

Nicholas Subtirelu

Linguistic Diversity and the Politics of International Inclusion in Higher Education: A Critical Sociolinguistic Study of International Teaching Assistants

Sarah Braden

Scientific Inquiry as Social and Linguistic Practice: Language Socialization Pathways in a 9th Grade Physics Class


Kimberly Woo (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Oral Social Language in the English Language Proficiency Assessment of Young ELLs

Katie Bernstein

Learning English as an L2 in PreK: A Practice Perspective on Identity and Acquisition

Nick Zhiwei Bi

Structural Equation Models of the Impact of Cognitive and Metacognitive Lexico-grammatical Strategic Processing on EFL Students’ Lexico-grammatical Test Performances Over Time: A Multitrait-multimethod Approach

Alannah Fitzgerald

Prising Open English for Academic Purposes

Jaehan Park

Korean University Professors’ Knowledge Base and Professional Development Needs for English-medium Instruction

Bedrettin Yazan

How ESOL Teacher Candidates Construct their Teacher Identities: A Case Study of an MATESOL Program


Patsy Vinogradov (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Little Desks, Big Ideas: The Unlikely Meeting of Adult Educators in Kindergarten to Explore Early Literacy Instruction

Lixia Cheng

Effects of Pragmatic Task Features, English Proficiency, and Learning Setting on Chinese ESL/EFL Learners’ Spoken Performance of Requests

Tasha L. Darbes

“Hard to Place”: Multilingual Immigrant-Origin Students in Community Colleges

Joyce Kling

Teacher Identity in English-Medium Instruction: Teacher Cognitions from a Danish Tertiary Education Context

Derya Kulavuz-Onal

English Language Teachers’ Learning to Teach with Technology through Participation in an Online Community of Practice: A Netnography of Webheads in Action

Hyojung Lim

Exploring the Validity of Evidence of the TOEFL IBT Reading Test from a Cognitive Perspective

Briana Ronan

Making Meaning across Modes: English Language Learners and their Academic Writing within a Digital Space

Weiwei Yang

Mapping the Relationships among the Cognitive Complexity of Independent Writing Tasks, L2 Writing Quality, and the Complexity, Accuracy, and Fluency of L2 Writing


Ali Fuad Selvi

A Quest to Prepare English Language Teachers in Diverse Teaching Settings

Beth Clark-Gareca (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Assessing English Language Learners’ Content Knowledge in the Mainstream Classroom

Kristen Lindahl

Exploring an Invisible Medium: Teacher Language Awareness among Preservice K12 Educators of English Language Learners

Larry Davis

Rater Expertise in a Second Language Speaking Assessment: The Influence of Training and Experience

Liang Guo

Product and Process in TOEFL iBT Independent and Integrated Writing Tasks:  A Validation Study

Sara Smith

The Nature of Multi-word Vocabulary among Children with English as a First or Additional Language and its Relationship with Reading Comprehension


Aymen Elsheikh

A Case Study of Sudanese EFL Student Teachers’ Knowledge and Identity Construction

Ching-Ni Hsieh (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Rater Effects in ITA Testing: ESL Teachers’ Versus American Undergraduates’ Judgments of Oral Proficiency, Accentedness, and Comprehensibility

Larisa Olesova

An Examination of Nonnative-English-speaking Students’ Perceptions about the Effectiveness of Embedded Audio Feedback Provided by a Nonnative or Native-English-speaking Instructors in Asynchronous Online Discussions

Soodeh Eghtesad

Cultural Implications of Assessment Procedures in English, French and Persian as a Foreign or Second Language Classes in the USA, France and Iran

Tomohisa Machida

Teaching English for the First Time: Anxiety Among Japanese Elementary School Teachers

Zhiling Wu

Washback Effects of the Reformed CET-4 on College English Teaching and Learning in China: Students’ Perspectives


Erin McCloskey

Online Professional Development and Intercultural Competence: A Qualitative Study of Learning Processes and Outcomes

Zhuo Li

Adolescent English Language Learners’ Second Language Literacy Engagement in World of Warcraft (WoW)

Youn-Hee Kim

An Argument-based Validity Inquiry into Empirically-derived Descriptor-based Diagnostic (EDD) Assessment in ESL Academic Writing

Kristen di Gennaro

An Exploration into the Writing Ability of Generation 1.5 and International Second Language Writers: A Mixed Methods Approach

Cecilia Guanfang Zhao (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

The Role of Voice in High-stakes Second Language Writing Assessment


Sang-Ki Lee

Salience, Frequency, and Aptitude in the Learning of Unaccusativity in a Second Language: An Input Enhancement Study

Yasuyo Tomita

The Role of Form-Focused Instruction: Learner Investment in L2 Communication

Polina Vinogradova (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Digital Storytelling in ESL Instruction: Identity Negotiation through a Pedagogy of Multiliteracies


Antonella Valeo (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

The Integration of Language and Content: Form-focused Instruction in a Content-based Language Program


Andrea Révész

Focus on Form in Task-based Language Teaching: Recasts, Task Complexity, and L2 Learning

Junko Hondo

Constructing Knowledge in SLA: The Role of Timing of Form-focused Intervention


Kara McBride

Listening too Slowly? The Effect of Rate of Speech in Computer-delivered Training Sessions for Listening Comprehension in English as a Foreign Language

Lucie Moussu

Native and Nonnative English-speaking English as a Second Language Teachers: Student Attitudes, Teacher Self-perceptions, and Intensive English Program Administrator Beliefs and Practices

Sujung Park

The Influence of Pretask Instructions and Planning on Incidental Focus on Form

Semire Dikli

Automated Essay Scoring in an ESL Setting


Fei-Yu Chuang

The Effectiveness of Computer-based Materials as a Means of Teaching the English Article System

Cheng-Yi Kelly Chang

The Relationships Between Individual Learning Styles and Learning Strategies When Using Electronic Materials for Practicing EFL Listening

Farahnaz Faez

Preparing Diverse Teachers for Diverse Students: Perceptions of Linguistic Identity, Experiences, and Teaching Responsibilities in a Canadian Teacher Education Program

Hyunok Ahn

Computer-mediated Communication and its Effects on Oral Proficiency Development


Takaharu Saito (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Exploring Nonnative English-speaking Teachers’ Experiences in Teaching English at a US University


Steven Talmy (Russell N. Campbell Award Winner)

Lifers and FOBs, Rocks and Resistance: Generation 1.5, Identity, and the Cultural Productions of ESL in a High School

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