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First Adopted in 2010

The role of teachers in preparing English learners for successful participation in the 21st Century knowledge economy.

The emergence of English as a global language has put enormous pressure on the teaching profession worldwide. Demand for English language teachers in both public and private sectors far outstrips the supply. The response has been to employ “native speakers” who have no formal qualifications or experience in language teaching or to redeploy teachers whose education and experience are in areas other than language education. Furthermore, teachers without professional preparation often teach as they were taught, which leads to the perpetuation of outmoded models of curriculum and pedagogy. The result has been a ‘deskilling’ and ‘deprofessionalisation’ of English language teaching. This situation, in turn, has resulted in relatively ineffective language learning outcomes in many contexts worldwide.

TIRF seeks research proposals that address one or more of the following issues:

  • the status of English language teaching at elementary, secondary and higher education levels;
  • the impact of English as a global language on teacher education policy and practices;
  • the role of technology in supporting initial and ongoing professional development;
  • the effectiveness of teacher education, in relation to teachers’ English language proficiency;
  • the effectiveness of ongoing professional development in relation to teachers’ English language proficiency;
  • the assessment of teachers’ English proficiency and determination of levels of competence required for effective curriculum delivery in English;
  • models of, and support for, ongoing professional development in public and private sectors (for example inquiry-based approaches to professional development);
  • entry level qualifications for English language teachers at elementary, secondary and higher education sectors;
  • standards of practice in teacher education, including standards for language proficiency in various contexts; and
  • the relationship between teaching quality and learning outcomes.

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