Students’ Age and Effective English Language Education

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First Adopted in 2002

The relationship between the age at which English is introduced in public schools (as a second language, foreign language, and/or as a medium of instruction to speakers of other languages) and educational processes and outcomes.

Proposals that address this research priority examine issues such as the following:

  • the relationship between age, duration, intensity of instruction, and learning outcomes;
  • the impact of policies regarding age of initial English instruction on teacher education;
  • and the relationships among first language/literacy learning, English language/literacy learning, and age, either in English-dominant or non-English-dominant countries.

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On Feb 12, 2014: Roger said:
There is a deep relationship between a student's L1 and the targeted L2. If a student has a solid background in his or her L1, the transition to the targeted L2 should be less difficult for the student.

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