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Listening materials for different levels from different topics from different voices. Most listenings include quick pre-listening and comprehension exercises, along with transcriptions and vocabulary explanations. Link:

Here you can listen to a very wide variety of real opinions and English accents talking about different topics, and you can even record your own opinion. Be sure to check the FAQs to get more ideas about how teachers and students can use this website. Link:

Online study guide for English language learners. Audio files of vowel sounds of different varieties of English (including British, Australian, Welsh, Irish, Canadian, American, and more). Link:

Ellii, formerly ESL Library, is an innovative online platform for English language educators. Ellii provides English language teachers with meaningful and engaging lessons, customizable flashcards, and assignable digital tasks for students of all ages and English levels. Ellii’s tools allow teachers to monitor student progress and provide feedback in real time, and they do provide many free resources on their blog. Link:

Free web apps from The University of Iowa about the sound systems of English, Spanish, and German. Contains explanations and demonstrations of how sounds are produced along with audio recordings of the sounds of spoken English. Link:

Too often, ESL/EFL students spend time reading about topics that they normally wouldn’t use in daily conversation. This site presents short conversation starters or readings that you can study and then try to apply in everyday situations. Link:

This website provides professional help and resources for those interested in teaching pronunciation in all educational contexts. Link:

Audio and video resources with vocabulary/comprehension exercises and conversation starters. Teachers can search for materials based on topic, level, resource type, or English accent (from all over the world). Link:

Listening/speaking practice for Business English. Link:

Easy, fun videos to help students understand and practice aspects of English pronunciation, stress, intonation, and more. Link:

Information on teaching pronunciation, pronunciation issues, links to resources, and activities. Link: