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Learning English is VOA’s multimedia source of news and information for millions of English learners worldwide. Their audio programs and captioned videos are written using vocabulary at the intermediate and upper-beginner level. Their programs are read one-third slower than normal English speed. Online texts, MP3s and podcasts let people read, listen and learn American English and much more. Link:

StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. Teachers can access stories from English speakers who talk about all kinds of human experiences. Good for listening, vocabulary, or speaking practice. Link:

This resource helps students learn English creatively while raising awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  It brings together a range of innovative ideas for teaching creatively and addressing these key issues. This publication is free to download below. Link:

ESL discussion material based on TED Talks. Link:   (Search Google for other websites that use TED Talks for ESL purposes)

Real stories from people living in New York City and all around the world. Great resource that can be adapted for reading, vocabulary, or writing practice – even classroom discussions. Link:  or

The CNN 10 news program explains global news to a global audience. The show’s priority is to identify stories of international significance and then clearly describe why they’re making news, who is affected, and how the events fit into a complex, international society. Link:

Ellii, formerly ESL Library, is an innovative online platform for English language educators. Ellii provides English language teachers with meaningful and engaging lessons, customizable flashcards, and assignable digital tasks for students of all ages and English levels. Ellii’s tools allow teachers to monitor student progress and provide feedback in real time, and they do provide many free resources on their blog. Link:

Many of the materials are delivered as full length courses but each component of the course is standalone and can be studied on its own. This means the learner can choose the best way to study for them; by following a full course or by following the individual materials most appropriate to them. Link: