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This comprehensive website from Yale’s Center for Language Study contains a variety of technological resources for language teachers that allow them to incorporate different forms of media into their classes. Link:

Make videos more engaging by embedding comprehension questions wherever you want.  Be sure to click the “See it in action” button for a quick demonstration. Link:!

Ellii, formerly ESL Library, is an innovative online platform for English language educators. Ellii provides English language teachers with meaningful and engaging lessons, customizable flashcards, and assignable digital tasks for students of all ages and English levels. Ellii’s tools allow teachers to monitor student progress and provide feedback in real time, and they do provide many free resources on their blog. Link:

Quizlet is a free online resource that allows teachers to create study tools (like flash cards, quizzes, and games) for their students. Paid subscriptions are offered with more options but teachers can also develop many tools for free. Link:

This tool allows teachers to take notes on online videos and have their comments link to certain points in the video. Works with several video platforms. Link:

A teacher resource site to help language teachers instruct their students who are learning English or improving their literacy skills. Link: