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This site provides three suites of new evidence-based resources. Each suite contains an issue brief, online learning modules, and a companion learning resource. Use these resources as a professional development tool or to help you plan and deliver lessons. Link:

Rubistar is a free tool that allows teachers to design different kinds of scoring rubrics for a variety of project-based learning assignments (e.g., interviews, writing assignments, digital storytelling, role-plays, etc.). Link:

Suggested readings on Teaching Pronunciation from John Murphy, University of Georgia. Link:

Free web apps from The University of Iowa about the sound systems of English, Spanish, and German. Contains explanations and demonstrations of how sounds are produced along with audio recordings of the sounds of spoken English. Link:

Information on teaching pronunciation, pronunciation issues, links to resources, and activities. Link:

published by the British Association for Applied Linguistics, has long been used as a source of information and guidance relating to research practices and ethics in Applied Linguistics, by researchers and students alike. Link:

A project to explore how effective teaching can be identified and developed. Link:

This website provides professional help and resources for those interested in teaching pronunciation in all educational contexts. Link:

Offers classroom resources including pre-made (adaptable) lesson plans, student interactives, date-based activities (ex. Sep 10 – Grandparent’s Day), and printouts. Target ability range is K-12 for native English speakers. Link:

Storybooks Canada is designed specifically for teachers, parents, and community members. It makes 40 stories from the African Storybook available with text and audio in English and French, as well as the most widely spoken immigrant and refugee languages in Canada. Link:

Easy, fun videos to help students understand and practice aspects of English pronunciation, stress, intonation, and more. Link:

Via current research, CUP connects teachers and learners from around the world. This approach allows individuals to learn from one another, constantly improve teaching materials, and unlock real-life opportunities for those involved. Link:

This comprehensive website from Yale’s Center for Language Study contains a variety of technological resources for language teachers that allow them to incorporate different forms of media into their classes. Link:

Ellii, formerly ESL Library, is an innovative online platform for English language educators. Ellii provides English language teachers with meaningful and engaging lessons, customizable flashcards, and assignable digital tasks for students of all ages and English levels. Ellii’s tools allow teachers to monitor student progress and provide feedback in real time, and they do provide many free resources on their blog. Link: