Dr. Marianne Celce-Murcia

Editor’s note: In this piece, long-time TIRF Supporter Dr. Marianne Celce-Murcia explains a unique, tax-saving approach for US residents who pay US taxes to donate to TIRF.

I am guessing that many of my fellow supporters of TIRF have tried to find ways to make regular substantial contributions, but have sometimes found this difficult to do, given their day-to-day expenses.

One way that I discovered this past year was to ask the firm managing my Individual Retirement Account to use part of my annual required minimal withdrawal to write a check made out to TIRF.

This option allowed me to make a larger than normal contribution and has helped me avoid paying taxes on the money I use to make regular contributions to TIRF and other organizations I support, while allowing me to avoid a higher tax bracket.

So I want to suggest to fellow applied linguists in the US that they also consider this option for contributing to TIRF (as well as to other favorite charities). I plan to use this option again this year to support TIRF. Will you join me?