Priority Research Grants

Between 2002 and 2007, the Foundation provided support for established researchers through the Priority Research Grants program. Successful applicants in the Priority Research Grants competitions submitted proposals involving researchers in two or more countries. Studies were funded on TIRF’s stated research priorities and proposals involving mixed methods studies were given preference in the rating process.

TIRF is not currently offering Priority Research Grants. To learn about the findings of the studies that have been funded, please click below.


Muñoz, Collins, White, Blaya, Cherta, Navés and Celaya

Age, Intensity of Instruction, and Metalinguistic Awareness in EFL Learning

final research report


Inbar and Gagné

Language proficiency development of non-native English-speaking teacher candidates: A comparative case study of two teacher preparation programs in Canada and Israel

final research report

Kamhi-Stein and Mahboob

The relationship between teachers’ English proficiency and curriculum delivery in EFL settings and settings where English is an institutionalized language

final research report


Horst, Schmitt and Cobb

A comparison of computerized and traditional techniques for learning academic vocabulary

final research report

Jamieson and Chapelle

Empirical evaluation of CALL use for ESL students’ learning processes and outcomes

final research report

McDonough and Sunitham

Exploring teachers’ use of computer-based activities in ESL/EFL contexts and their impact on L2 learning

final research report


Burns and Borg

Teachers’ Beliefs & Practices about the Effective Integration of Grammar Instruction

final research report

Liu and Jiang

Examining the use of a corpus-assisted and contextualized lexicogrammatical approach to grammar instruction in ESL/EFL contexts

final research report

Ware and O’Dowd

E-partners and E-tutors: Telecollaboration as an Effective Means of Grammar Instruction

final research report


Ellis, Sheen, Takashima and Murakami

The Effect of Written Corrective Feedback on ESL and EFL Learners’ Acquisition of Grammatical Forms

final research report

Spada and Lima

The isolation and integration of form-focused instruction: Views from ESL and EFL teachers and learners

final research report


Mackey and Fujii

Designing and testing effective grammar-focused communicative tasks

final research report

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