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TIRF is pleased to announce a new research award for teachers. The TIRF Kathleen M. Bailey Teacher-Research Award (hereafter, the TIRF Bailey Award) honors Dr. Kathleen M. Bailey, who served as TIRF’s President and Chair of the Board of Trustees for over a decade, from 2009 to 2022. The award is meant to recognize Dr. Bailey’s research, her lifelong commitment to teaching, and her desire to support and encourage research carried out by practicing English language teachers, as well as honor her commitment to TIRF. The award is designed to encourage, support, and recognize research conducted by teachers. It also serves as a vehicle for the creation of new knowledge about language teaching and learning as well as the development of research skills for both new and experienced teachers.


All proposals are due Thursday, June 20, 2024 (11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time – Canada/USA).


To be eligible for the TIRF Bailey Award, applicants must be practicing teachers of English as a second/foreign/additional language, to include dual language immersion teachers in two-way programs with English learners. The award is open to teachers of English worldwide. Teachers can be working with learners of any age, language background, nationality, or proficiency level in both academic and non-academic programs. In addition, TIRF welcomes proposals from teachers at all levels of instruction who have varying degrees of teaching experience. A team of two or more teachers may also apply together. There are no restrictions on citizenship.

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Honorable Mentionees

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Key Features
  • TIRF Bailey Awards are for US $1,000 per proposal. A pair or small team of teachers may submit a joint proposal and distribute the funds appropriately between/among themselves. In the case of a joint proposal, please identify one individual who will correspond with TIRF. All awardees will be recognized on the TIRF website.
  • Monies may be spent on actual costs for carrying out the research or on expenses for professional development, such as registration fees for a conference, hotel accommodations, and transportation.
  • Additional sources of funding applied for or received to fund the same research project should be declared. Seeking or obtaining other sources of funding for the project does not disqualify a teacher from receiving a TIRF Bailey Award.
  • TIRF Bailey Award proposals should be related directly to English language education, have strong implications for learners, and answer questions that have important implications for learners.
  • TIRF Bailey Award proposals, applications, and required products must be written in English.
  • TIRF strongly encourages the dissemination of findings. Final products for the TIRF Bailey Awards are as follows: TIRF asks that teachers submit a final report and participate in an exit interview with TIRF at the conclusion of their project. Final reports follow a template provided by TIRF and should be sent to [email protected]. TIRF also encourages awardees (a) to make a presentation, such as giving a conference talk or workshop or webinar, for other teachers, or (b) to write a paper for publication in a professional journal, book, or newsletter. All awardees will acknowledge TIRF in all forms of dissemination, including conference presentations and published papers.
Research Topics

Proposals for the TIRF Bailey Award can address any research topic that is of interest to applicants. TIRF is particularly interested in funding research that is important to learners and furthers our understanding of language learning in classroom contexts. TIRF also encourages proposals from teachers who wish to pursue research in one of TIRF’s primary areas of research focus: (a) Language Planning and Policy; (b) Language Assessment; and (c) Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Preparation.

A detailed explanation of TIRF’s Research Topics and the areas of focus can be found by clicking here.

  • Content-based Instruction
  • Digital Technology in Language Education
  • English as a Medium of Instruction
  • Language Assessment
  • Language Policy and Planning
  • Language Teacher Education
  • Migrants and Refugees: Teaching and Assessing English
  • Plurilingualism in Business, Industry, the Professions, and Educational Contexts
  • Research on Revitalization of Endangered Indigenous Languages
  • Students’ Age and Effective English Language Education
  • Teaching English to Young Learners

When considering whether to submit a proposal for a TIRF Bailey Award, teachers should have a specific question in mind that they would like to answer about learners and learning in their classrooms. Research mentoring may be an option for all teachers who receive a TIRF Bailey Award and would like support in designing and carrying out their research.


Please note that the ability for TIRF to make payments for a grant, prize, or other purpose may be restricted. Although TIRF is an independent foundation, it remains subject to the laws governing the United States of America (where TIRF is registered), including governmental sanctions that are in force and may limit doing business with individuals or organizations in/from certain countries.

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