TIRF, The International Research Foundation for English Language Education, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to generate new knowledge about English language teaching and learning. TIRF applies research findings to practical language problems by working collaboratively with teachers, researchers, authors, publishers, philanthropic foundations, government agencies, and major companies.

TIRF’s Mission Statement

TIRF’s vision is that in the 21st century, personal and social value accrues to individuals who are proficient in English and in some additional language. Therefore, TIRF’s mission embodies four major goals:

  • To implement a research and development program that will generate new knowledge and inform and improve the quality of English language teaching and learning;
  • To promote the application of research to practical language problems;
  • To collect, organize, and disseminate information and research on the teaching and learning of language; and
  • To influence the formation and implementation of appropriate language education policies, recognizing the importance of indigenous languages and cultures worldwide, and of English as an international language.

TIRF’s Position

Early in our work, TIRF Board members focused on the fact that no existing organization or agency, private or public, is uniquely concerned with investigating issues in language learning and teaching. While specialized groups with ample funding focus on research and development activities intended to improve the human condition in other domains of public life, no such focus has ever been given to the crucial area of English as a second/foreign language education. TIRF provides this specialized attention, giving high priority to the development of a coherent program of language learning research, teaching research, and information dissemination.

Over the last several decades, the language teaching profession has witnessed phenomenal growth and development in two major areas… [continue]