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Research Mentoring

TIRF’s Research Mentoring services are tailored for emerging scholars in the field of language education. This service involves pairing an individual researcher (i.e., the mentee) with an experienced TIRF mentor. The program aims at enhancing individuals’ and teams’ abilities to conduct empirical research. Mentees will target publishing their research as part of the mentoring outcomes.

Research Mentoring_Mentor and Mentee

Goals of TIRF’s Research Mentoring Services

Enhance individuals’ and teams’ abilities to conduct empirical research in language education

Support mentees’ information literacy skills for obtaining appropriate research resources

Match experienced mentors with emerging scholars

Promote emerging scholars’ participation in the international community of language education researchers

Training Modules Include

  1. Planning Your Research Project
  2. Writing the Proposal
  3. Gathering and Analyzing Data
  4. Disseminating Your Results in Print Media
  5. Disseminating Your Findings in Oral Presentations
  6. Working with Feedback
Research Mentoring_Man Presenting

Upon enrolling in TIRF’s Research Mentoring program, mentees will submit a needs assessment form, in order to provide background information to TIRF. Doing so helps to ensure TIRF appropriately matches one of its mentors to the mentee.

Before the one-to-one mentoring sessions commence, mentees will view the pre-recorded training modules and check their understanding of the information presented. At this stage, the mentee begins their research mentoring journey with their TIRF mentor.

To learn more about this program, please contact us at [email protected].