Editor’s note: Portions of the following piece have been adapted from this website section of the British Council.

If you are involved or work in language assessment research, the British Council’s Assessment Research Awards and Grants (ARAGs) might interest you. These awards recognize achievement and innovation within the field of language assessment and support the Council’s research activities across the world.

Individuals interested in the ARAGs will want to note that there are four different grant and award categories, including: (1) Assessment Research Grants; (2) Assessment Research Awards; (3) the International Assessment Award; and (4) the Innovation in Assessment Prize. On the British Council website, individuals may also access information about how proposals will be evaluated.

The awards and grants are aimed at both research students and experienced researchers in the area of assessment. In addition to the formal awards and grants, the Council may, on occasion, support requests from researchers in the areas of assessment, applied linguistics, and second language acquisition which are identified as contributing significantly to knowledge in the area of assessment.

All ARAG applications are due March 31, 2021. To learn more about these opportunities, please click here.