Dear TIRF Colleagues and Friends:

TIRF has recently raised USD 100,000 from a private donor, thanks to the concerted efforts and dedication of TIRF leaders.

This contribution has greatly invigorated TIRF to continue pursuing its mission. Over the years, TIRF has benefited from the generosity of various donors and organizations to help us execute our strategic plan and to provide mission-driven services to our field. We are aware that we cannot achieve our objectives without the necessary resources. With the funds generated through donations, we can provide more services to enhance our sustainability, and increase community engagement.

As we recall our experiences, one of our main challenges faced in fundraising over the years is a double-edged sword. Those who are interested in our mission might be limited in financial resources while those who have the means to donate may not be interested in our mission or may feel that their contribution will not make a significant impact. But as long as we keep doing what is best for our field and keep communicating and sharing stories, we can win over both types of supporters. The recent donation comes from the latter type of person.

As we know, outreach is crucial for garnering interest from those who are in or outside our field. We shall continue to build and foster relationships with potential donors who are passionate about the work we do and those who are yet to be persuaded. We will tirelessly share information about TIRF, the impact we have made, and the goals we hope to achieve. Examples of such achievements are the more than 180 DDG recipients who are already mainstays in our field, as well as the TIRF program reviews that have strengthened institutions and improved learning outcomes.

Needless to say, fundraising requires adequate resources, including time, money, and personnel, all of which can be challenging for nonprofit organizations such as TIRF. That’s why we need to rely on you, TIRF friends. We are convinced that our fundraising strategy that outlines various avenues can help us achieve our financial goals. We are also aware that fundraising is often unpredictable and requires flexibility, creativity, and hard work. A successful fundraising strategy entails a collaborative and inclusive approach, targeting various stakeholders and utilizing multiple channels. We, together, will keep up our efforts, articulate our mission, and maintain communication while adapting to new challenges as they arise to ensure continued funding and support for TIRF to help serve our mission.

In order to sustain TIRF’s mission and long-term goal to advance the effectiveness of English language teaching through research and engagement, we, as TIRF Trustees, are committed to the following:

  1. Developing a strong fundraising plan that outlines goals, objectives, methods, and a timeline for the campaign;
  2. Engaging our community and supporters through events, campaigns, and social media;
  3. Establishing clear communications by being transparent about our fundraising goals and how the funds will be used, by providing updates to donors and supporters, and by thanking them for their contributions;
  4. Articulating the impact donors’ gifts have on others;
  5. Building relationships with potential donors to help establish trust and credibility by joining local networking groups and attending events; and
  6. Focusing on donor retention to ensure that TIRF has a strategy in place to maintain good relations with donors over time.

Let me end by thanking all of you who have supported, are supporting, or will support TIRF. We, together, are making an impact in our field.

Kind regards,

Jun Liu

TIRF President