We are pleased to announce a new book series, Global Research on Teaching and Learning English, co-published by TIRF and Routledge. This series showcases research by young scholars from around the world, whose studies have been funded by grants from TIRF, awarded through carefully vetted international competitions.

Since 2002, TIRF has commissioned and/or funded research on a range of topics associated with the teaching and learning of English worldwide. This series offers a collection of previously unpublished empirical studies. Volumes in the series will report on issues of current concern to the applied linguistics community and the language teaching profession. They will present a wide variety of research topics investigated through a range of research procedures. All volumes in the series cover the issues that motivated the research, the context of the research, the research question(s) addressed, the data collection and data analysis procedures, the findings and discussion, and the implications for policy, practice, and future research. This standard chapter structure guarantees consistency and coherence across the volumes, while at the same time allowing each author to report on the unique contents of his/her own study.

Commenting on the series, Naomi Silverman, Publisher for Routledge, stated, “I have for a long time had the highest respect for TIRF’s work to support research on English language teaching and learning, to promote its practical applications to pedagogy and language policy, and to recognize the importance of indigenous languages and cultures worldwide and of English as an international language.” She added, “When Kathi Bailey approached me about Routledge forming some kind of working relationship with TIRF, I jumped at the opportunity. This led quickly and smoothly to launching this new series, co-published by Routledge and TIRF – an exciting synergy for expanding dissemination and spotlighting the important contributions of TIRF-supported research via the publishing expertise and global marketing of Routledge’s strong presence in the field.”  

We are excited to be working with Routledge in this way, and are eagerly anticipating the launch of the first book. For more information on the series, please click here.