2019 is winding down quickly. Before we turn our calendars to a new decade, TIRF’s Trustees would like to share their holiday greetings with Foundation supporters, near and far. Please click on the Trustees’ names below to learn more about the individuals who help lead TIRF.

Kathi Bailey: At this time of year, we are surrounded by colorful symbols of many holidays – bells, stars, and candles abound. It seems that gift giving is celebrated in many traditions., I want to acknowledge the gifts given by the many friends of TIRF worldwide. Whether they be financial contributions or gifts of time and energy, such support of the Foundation is greatly appreciated. Whatever holidays you celebrate, I hope the season brings you joy and that the new year is peaceful and productive for us all.
Richard Boyum: Holiday greetings to all TIRF friends and supporters! As we conclude another calendar year, it’s time to look back on another fantastic year for TIRF – amazing grant and award recipients, stellar publications, and colleagues throughout the world working together to share TIRF’s vision. And looking forward, we see a new decade beginning, full of opportunity to keep TIRF a vibrant community of like-minded scholars and practitioners.  So in the spirit of the holiday season – may you all have a wonderful and productive 2020!
Michael Carrier: Happy Christmas and New Year to all of TIRF’s supporters, donors, colleagues, and friends around the world! Via its mission, TIRF is working to help raise language education standards worldwide, through research and financial support. And we are proud that these efforts can improve the life opportunities of people in many countries. Join us for more exciting work in 2020 and thanks for your continued support!
Donna Christian Donna Christian: Warm greetings to everyone in the TIRF community! 2019 has been an exciting year for TIRF, as we celebrated our 20th birthday and supported language education research and researchers around the world.  As we move toward a new year and new activities, we pause to express our gratitude for the support of those who have contributed to TIRF’s work through donations, partnerships, and many other forms of assistance. Cheers to all. Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! Happy New Year!
JoAnn Crandall Jodi Crandall: Season’s greetings to all TIRF’s supporters. We are so appreciative for your support of our Doctoral Dissertation Grants and Masters Research Grants awardees, our James E. Alatis awardee, and all the work of TIRF. You help make it all possible. Best wishes for the new year!
Andy Curtis: 2019 has been a huge year for TIRF, including the launch of our Language Education in Review project. The first paper in the series, on English as a Medium of Instruction, was written by Dr. Joyce Kling, a former TIRF Doctoral Dissertation Grant awardee, making it a great example of how those who have been helped by TIRF in the past can help TIRF in the future. As always, the Foundation is extremely grateful for all the support it receives, and we wish all of our supporters the very best for a positive and productive 2020!
Lorraine de Matos Lorraine de Matos: 2019 was special as we celebrated 20 years of TIRF and giving to our field of language education through over 150 grants and top-quality professional services. For me, it was yet another exceptional year with my Board colleagues who work to guarantee the best use of our financial and professional resources for our field. I really look forward to 2020 and hope that donations we receive for our unique cause will allow us to expand our reach. I wish TIRF and its supporters happy holidays. Boas Festas e muito sucesso em 2020.
Jun Liu: Happy holidays, TIRF friends!  Thanks to your generous support, TIRF has been doing very well in this year by reaching out to forge partnerships with universities and educational organizations around the world.  We count on your continued support to benefit our young scholars and teachers doing cutting edge research in our field to enhance English Education.
Joseph Lo Bianco Joe Lo Bianco: To all the supporters of TIRF, to colleagues within TIRF and to all those who share our aim of a more effective and equitable global communication system: greetings and good wishes. As 2019 draws to a close we can be very pleased with the achievements of TIRF as knowledge of our role and efforts continues to grow and our partnerships deepen. I look forward to another good year around the corner.
Spiros Papageorgiou: Wishing all TIRF supporters a healthy and prosperous 2020! Καλά Χριστούγεννα και ευτυχισμένο το 2020!
G. Richard Tucker Dick Tucker (Trustee Emeritus): Sincere thanks to the many TIRF supporters who make it possible, for example, for us to provide funding to doctoral students from numerous universities in diverse countries so that they can successfully complete their dissertation research and join us as professional colleagues…and who support our other activities as well.

As we embark upon our 21st year, we want to thank our supporters and express the hope that you also benefit from our diverse activities and that you will continue your support over the coming years.

With sincere thanks and best wishes for the holiday season.