The International Festival of Teacher-Research in ELT 2017 is kicking off on April 6th in Glasgow, Scotland, as part of the 2017 IATEFL Conference and Exhibition. The Festival will showcase a number of exciting teacher-research projects across the world, several of which focus on teacher-research in difficult circumstances.

The Festival’s events will provide teachers with a platform to share their experiences and findings via face-to-face and online events, as well as video recordings. One of the aims of the Festival is to show how teacher-led research can boost teachers’ perceptions of themselves, their work, and their potential to develop as practitioners.

The first event in the festival’s schedule is a symposium entitled “Teacher-Research for Difficult Circumstances.” The session will feature teacher-research projects in Chile, India, and Cameroon, as well as a worldwide Electronic Village Online (EVO) initiative. Other key Festival event dates are as follows:

  • 15 April 2017: TESOL International Association CALL-IS EVO webinar on ‘Classroom-based research for professional development,’ with final teacher-research presentations by EVO participants
  • 6 May 2017: British Council Aptis for Teachers / APIBA / FAAPI ‘Teachers Research! Buenos Aires 2017’ Conference, Argentina
  • 2–3 June 2017: IATEFL Research SIG ‘Teachers Research! Istanbul 2017′ Conference, Turkey
  • July 2017 (date to be confirmed): Symposium on Exploratory Practice at the AILA World Congress, Brazil
  • August 2017 (dates to be confirmed): Plenary on Teacher Association Research, CAMELTA Conference, Cameroon
  • 14–16 September 2017: AINET Conference on Teacher Research, India
  • October 2017 (dates to be confirmed): Final, online event

TIRF Trustee David Nunan has agreed to be Honorary President of the Festival, and its Steering Committee is chaired by Dr. Richard Smith, University of Warwick. The International Festival of Teacher-Research is supported by IATEFL Research SIG as well as by IATEFL Teacher Development SIG, the All-India Network of English Teachers, FAAPI, TESOL International Association, and British Council EnglishAgenda/TeachingEnglish.