As our calendars soon turn toward November, the holiday season in many parts of the world starts to take shape. And as the seasons change, nonprofit organizations like TIRF commence their annual appeal plans.

It’s never too early to begin considering making your list of nonprofits whose mission you would like to support this year, as well as the level of donations you will make to them. The effects of the pandemic are ongoing and there are many worthy causes in our local and global communities who surely need our help.

With the help of supporters like you, TIRF’s annual appeal last year yielded strong results that helped the Foundation immensely. However, fundraising is not a one-time activity, especially for organizations like TIRF that do not enjoy the security of a well funded endowment. Instead, TIRF and many other nonprofits face an ongoing challenge to develop partnerships, deliver services, and craft fundraising strategies which collectively help sustain their programs and operations. As TIRF continues to plan and market its services (vital aspects of sound fiscal footing), we continue to rely on its limited base of donors.

Our formal appeals will be shared with supporters in November and December. For those among us who like to plan well in advance, we happily welcome your donation now. Click here to give to TIRF.

For our other supporters, we hope you’ll consider donating to the Foundation in November or December. Our appeals will be reaching you soon – we thank you in advance!