laureatelanguages_logoWe are pleased to announce an upcoming event of interest to researchers and administrators working in language education research. TIRF is working with Laureate Language’s CoP (community of practice) to offer a live webinar, entitled “Introducing TIRF to the Laureate Languages Community,” on Friday, October 21, 2016 from 11am to 12pm ET.

The general webinar focus will be introducing TIRF’s resources and goals to members of Laureate Language’s CoP. Specifically, TIRF wishes to raise awareness of its programmatic offerings while drawing attention to the resources it maintains for individuals working in language education. We especially wish to make the CoP members aware of TIRF’s resources, such as our reference lists, research-based publications, links to like-minded organizations, grant and award opportunities, worldwide conference announcements, publication opportunities, practical resources for teachers, and others. It is hoped that through this webinar, both TIRF’s and Laureate’s CoP constituents may be better equipped with greater resources to meet the growing demands of language education research.

The TIRF-CoP webinar will be open to all members of Laureate Languages Community of Practice. If you are not part of the CoP, you may still participate in the webinar. You may join the webinar directly by utilizing the following link just before the event is scheduled to begin:

The Laureate Languages CoP consists mainly of English teachers, Coordinators, and Directors from institutions throughout the Laureate network. It is a place for collaboration, discussions, and solutions to challenges. The Laureate Languages CoP widens each member’s professional peer group beyond the borders of the individual’s own institution to help each person capitalize on all the benefits of being a part of the Laureate network.

We hope you will consider joining us for the webinar!