A new academic semester is well underway in many parts of the world. As a means to assist experienced and novice researchers alike, TIRF is happy to share that it has posted new topics to its “References” section of its website.

Some of the new reference lists featured on TIRF’s website include the following: Applied Linguistics, Humor, Immersion and Dual-Immersion Education, Integrated Performance Assessment, and Writing Centers. Pre-existing lists that have been updated include, for example, Content-based Instruction, Endangered Languages, Mixed-Methods Research, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching Language to Young Learners, and many more.

Many thanks are due to Sal Attardo, Katherine Benton, Quiamony Gaskins, Laura Hamman, Becky Huang, Tomoyo Okuda, Matthew McElfresh, Deniz Ortactepe, Lucy Pickering, Kalina Swanson, and Amy Sullivan for their contributions to TIRF’s resources. And we would also like to cite the work of TIRFers Wyatt Boykin and Kathi Bailey for their diligent work on TIRF’s reference lists.

To utilize our always-free-to-download reference lists, click here. Please be sure to share this information with your colleagues and students!