Students and teachers around the world are returning to their schools soon to start a new semester. And, as it usually does, TIRF has posted updates to many of its reference lists, in order to help researchers at all levels further their interests.

Updates to TIRF’s existing reference lists include topics on Compliments and Responses, Cooperative Learning, Humor, Materials in Second/Foreign Language Learning, Narratives in Language Research, Pragmatics, and Washback and Test Impact. Reference lists on other topics will soon be updated, as well.

Many of the updates made to the reference lists above were contributed from TIRF DDG awardees who authored a chapter in the forthcoming book, Chinese-speaking Learners of English. This volume will be the seventh in the TIRF-Routledge “Global Research on Teaching and Learning English” series.

We would like to thank the following researchers for their contributions to TIRF’s reference lists: Ceclia Guanfang Zhao, Chaoran Wang, Ching-Ni Hsieh, Lin Gu, Meichan Huang, Mingxia Zhi, Rui Li, Weiwei Yang, Yangting Wang, and Yu-Chi Wang.

If you are interested in contributing citations to TIRF’s reference lists, please write to [email protected]. Best wishes to all teachers and students embarking on a new semester!