We are pleased to announce the publication of Research on English Language Teaching and Learning in the Middle East and North Africa, the latest volume in the TIRF-Routledge “Global Research on Teaching and Learning English” Series.

This volume is an anniversary publication volume – the 10th volume in the “Global Research” series. It is co-edited by TIRF Trustees Dr. Kathi Bailey and Dr. David Nunan.

The “MENA” (Middle East and North Africa) volume, as it’s referred to by TIRF colleagues, features research on the teaching and learning of English in the MENA region of our world. Chapters are written by TIRF Doctoral Dissertation Grant (DDG) awardees, TIRF’s Sheikh Nahayan Fellowship recipients, and internationally known scholars, and the volume addresses contemporary challenges and considerations to teaching English in the MENA context. With empirical research covering a wide range of under-studied contexts, the book provides important insights and future directions to improve research and instruction. The publication offers up-to-date research done at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels, and serves as an essential resource for language education programs and pre-service teachers.

To preview the book or to buy a copy, please visit Routledge’s website by clicking here. Any royalties that would typically be paid to chapter contributors and editors will be directed to TIRF to help further our programs, including our publications activities. We are grateful to the authors and editors for their support!