As noted in our November newsletter, in the October 2014 issue of TIRF Today, we offered a trick-or-treat challenge to our readers. The quiz was hosted on TIRF’sbook page. Although we had many replies to our quiz, no one answered all five items correctly.

We still are hoping to award a prize to one of our loyal newsletter readers and Facebook fans. Therefore, we are going to provide some hints below to help answer the items in October 2014’s newsletter.

We encourage you to take the quiz, even if you already did so. To take the quiz, visit our Facebook page and post your answers to the thread where the quiz is posted. We’ll announce the winner of the prize in our December newsletter. Click here to visit our Facebook page.

If you need help answering an item, you can write to Ryan Damerow, TIRF’s Executive Assistant at [email protected].

Good luck!

  1. TIRF supporters can now help the Foundation financially through the AmazonSmile program.

Answer: Treat, we have been working on raising our readers’ awareness of the AmazonSmile program. Through making your regular purchases on Amazon, you can support TIRF financially by designating the Foundation as the charity you wish to support.

  1. Since the inception of the DDG program, TIRF has awarded 62 grantees from 12 countries.

Answer: Trick, our 62 DDG recipients have come from 17 countries.

  1. The Foundation has received major programmatic support through working with Educational Testing Service, Cambridge English Language Assessment, The British Council, National Geographic, The La Centra-Sumerlin Foundation, Anaheim University, and The Walt Disney Company.

Answer: Treat, we appreciate very much the support from some of our major partners, and we hope to continue our relationship with them in the years to come.

  1. TIRF will produce three publications in 2015, one regarding online language teacher education, another on the topic of teaching and learning of English grammar, and the last on language teacher education.

Answer: Trick, we are planning on producing two publications next year, but the last one on this list, the topic of language teacher education, is expected to be released in 2016.

  1. By taking this quiz on our Facebook page, it means that you automatically “Like” TIRF.

Answer: Trick, you have to hit the “Like” button to really like us – we hope you will!