Dr. Russell N. Campbell

Throughout 2023 and the first few months of 2024, TIRF raised money to ensure long-term funding for the Foundation’s Doctoral Dissertation Grants (DDG) program. By establishing the Russell N. Campbell (RNC) endowment, the grant offered each year by TIRF in the founding Trustee’s name could be awarded in perpetuity. In this piece, we provide an update on our progress.

A Working Group composed of TIRF Trustees Kathi Bailey and Donna Christian along with TIRF Chief Operating Officer Ryan Damerow – with assistance from TIRF Trustee Emeritus G. Richard Tucker and former TIRF Trustee Patsy Duff – led the effort. Over the course of several months, our initial goal of $25,000 was met. Six months later, by March 20, 2024, we realized our second goal – raising $50,000 in total!

We are extremely grateful for the supporters who donated so generously to the fund. Not only have you donated generously to support the legacy of our colleague Russ Campbell, your gifts will be used to support the next generation of scholars in language education research – something Russ believed in greatly.

As planned, we are now approaching the next phase of our campaign’s goal: $100,000 in total. We will continue to seek support from the public for this purpose in the months ahead.

To support the RNC endowment or to track our progress, please click here. A list of individuals supporting the fund can be viewed here – open the link and locate from the menu “Russell N. Campbell Donors.”