TIRF enjoyed a great deal of success during the 2021 giving season (i.e., late November and the month of December) via its various fundraising drives. We would like to take this opportunity to share some highlights with our supporters and thank everyone who got involved.

The Foundation’s fundraising approach late last year involved three major components: (1) #GivingTuesday, (2) its year-end appeal, and (3) a grantee-matching campaign. The breakdown of donations for each of these areas follows here:

  1. #GivingTuesday: Nearly $2,000 raised
  2. Year-end appeal: Nearly $5,000 raised
  3. Grantee-matching campaign: Nearly $10,000

The grantee-matching campaign was a fundraiser that targeted TIRF’s various grant recipients over the years, including individuals who were awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Grant, a Priority Research Grant, or a Sheikh Nahayan Fellowship. Funds donated by TIRF grantees were matched by TIRF Trustees, resulting in close to $10,000 realized by TIRF from the campaign. Altogether, the Foundation generated approximately $17,000 during its year-end fundraisers.

We are so grateful for the many individuals who donated to TIRF at any time last year! This generous support is an important aspect of TIRF’s revenue generation each year and is greatly appreciated.