Editor’s note: The following text is being shared with TIRF supporters via Joyce Chin and Ingrid Chao at LTTC.

The Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC) in Taipei, Taiwan, is pleased to announce that online submissions for the 2021 LTTC Teaching and Research Grants Joint-Funded Research Program are now being accepted. This program is intended to support quality research in relation to the examinations developed by the LTTC, such as the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), Foreign Language Proficiency Test (FLPT), Second Foreign Language Proficiency Test (SFLPT), and College Student English Proficiency Test (CSEPT).

For 2021, the Joint-Funded Research Grants are offered to applicants undertaking research in relation to the examinations developed by the LTTC, such as the following two topics pertinent to GEPT:

  1. The validation of the revised GEPT listening and/or reading tests launched in 2021.
  2. The impact of “Dr. GEPT” on teaching and/or learning. (Dr. GEPT is an individualized feedback service launched in 2021.)

Applications are welcomed from both educational and research institutions based overseas. The research proposal must be submitted by the principal investigator on behalf of the education or research institution he or she represents. The research area must be limited to one of those listed in the guidelines. The research project will be undertaken jointly by the LTTC and the Awardee. The grant period is one year.

The application period is open until May 16, 2021! For more details, please click here, or write to Joyce Chin and Ingrid Chao at [email protected].