One of the resources TIRF provides is a collection of reference lists on over two hundred topics of interest to researchers, teachers, teacher educators, test developers, and others. The reference lists are stored as Word documents, which anyone can download for free by clicking here.

Over the past few months, we have been updating some of those reference lists. There are resources about topics which are particularly relevant during these days of civil unrest. These topics include Social Justice and Language; Diversity; Race and Ethnicity in Language Teaching and Learning; Immigrant  Issues in Language Teaching and Learning; Refugee Concerns; and Endangered and Indigenous Languages.

If you would like to contribute new citations to the TIRF reference lists or ask questions about these resources, please send a Word document to TIRF at [email protected] with references in current APA format. (Please do not send citations for unpublished doctoral dissertations, unpublished masters theses, or unpublished conference presentations.) We look forward to hearing from you!