Editor’s note: There is still time to get involved in TIRF’s midyear appeal! Please consider supporting TIRF today by setting up a monthly, recurring donation.

With the summer solstice now behind us, or the winter solstice for our friends south of the equator, TIRF has begun its midyear appeal. Each summer, TIRF invites its supporters to make a donation to the Foundation. However, this year, we are seeking a specific type of donation from our supporters – recurring donations.

To launch our midyear appeal, we contacted our supporters earlier this month in writing. (That letter can be viewed by clicking here.) We have asked donors to setup a monthly, recurring donation in the amount of $5, $10, or $20. Once it has been set up, the donation amount you designate will automatically be transferred to the Foundation each month unless you cancel your support.

This type of giving provides benefits to donors and nonprofits alike. For donors, the process is easy to do, and once it is complete, it is not something that needs to be managed unless you may decide to cancel or modify your gift. Also, the financial pain of making a one-time $100 gift won’t be felt right around, say, the holiday times when budgets are already tight.

There are also benefits for organizations like TIRF. We would enjoy predictable annual revenue that will allow individuals to continue to benefit from the multitude of resources we provide. TIRF’s grant and prize programs, as well as its publication endeavors, will also be supported. In other words, monthly donations offer TIRF sustainability and help allow the Foundation’s programs and operations to run smoothly from one year to the next.

Please consider setting up a recurring donation to TIRF this summer (or winter). Please click here to do so.