Thanks to TIRF’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC), the Foundation has recently added two new research priorities to help focus its work: (1) Content-based Instruction (CBI), and (2) Teaching English to Young Learners. The RAC has also provided revisions to each of the existing TIRF research priorities, in part to help add consistency across all priorities in terms of how information for each is presented.

TIRF’s research priorities guide much of the work the Foundation does. Whether it is considering a new grant or prize program or the topic of a new commissioned report, the Foundation must ensure that the activity will be consistent with at least one of its research priorities. Also, doctoral students around the world will be able to apply for a Doctoral Dissertation Grant (DDG) next year under one of these new priorities.

The Foundation’s Trustees hope that these two new priorities will help add to the body of research in the areas of CBI and teaching English to young learners. Click here to learn more about TIRF’s research priorities.