Earlier this month, TIRF Board members gathered in Washington, DC to participate in the Foundation’s fall Board meeting. TIRF’s fall meetings are typically held over two days, so that Trustees have ample time to discuss the Foundation’s programs and activities, including the projects that are currently being undertaken, those that have been completed since the Board’s last meeting, and initiatives the Board is planning to complete in the months ahead.

We are pleased to share the news that several Trustees were re-elected to serve new three-year terms. These Board members include Jun Liu, Joe Lo Bianco, David Nunan, and Ana Sylvia Ramirez. In addition, TIRF President Kathi Bailey, TIRF Treasurer Donna Christian, and TIRF Executive Committee members David Nunan and Lorraine de Matos were all re-elected to continue in their TIRF officer roles.

There were numerous topics covered during TIRF’s Board meeting. For example, the future of TIRF’s Doctoral Dissertation Grants program was discussed, with a focus on maintaining our relationships with our partners. Another topic Trustees explored was the future of the TIRF-Routledge series entitled “Global Research on Teaching and Learning English.” We are pleased to share that the fourth volume in the series, which focuses on digital language learning and teaching, is now in production. In moving forward, we are considering the topics for future volumes and potential publication dates. Other topics covered during the meeting include updates on our Alatis Prize competition (nomination deadline is September 30th!), progress made on TIRF’s follow-up study concerning online language teacher education, plans for the TESOL-TIRF Research Symposium, potential partnerships with other organizations, and activities of our Research Advisory Committee, Publications Committee, and Development Committee.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the efforts made by all of our Trustees, who volunteer their time, areas of expertise, creativity, and financial resources to support TIRF. In an effort to deliver the greatest value of our donors’ gifts to TIRF, Trustees pay for all of their own travel and lodging expenses when attending Board meetings. Though very modest meals are offered during our meetings, TIRF Board members, while at this month’s meeting, decided to forego breakfast at future meetings. Thus, another opportunity to maximize supporters’ gifts has been demonstrated by our Board. Many thanks to all of our Trustees for their support of TIRF!

Lastly, we would like to thank Dr. Terry Wiley and his colleagues at the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) for allowing TIRF to meet at CAL’s offices. We are very grateful for this form of support from Dr. Wiley and his CAL staff.

TIRF Board Members at the Foundation's Fall 2016 Meeting
TIRF Board Members at the Foundation’s Fall 2016 Meeting