On March 22, 2007, the TIRF Board of Trustees hosted a breakfast in Seattle, Washington, USA, honoring TIRF’s supporters, reviewers, and grant recipients. The breakfast was held in conjunction with the international TESOL convention. The guest of honor was long time donor and supporter of TIRF activities, Betty Azar, who has funded TIRF Priority Research Grants on grammar. Patsy Duff, Chair of the Research Advisory Committee, introduced the grant recipients for the 2006 PRG and DDG competition. David Nunan, TIRF trustee and donor, told the audience why he continues to give to TIRF. TIRF Chair Donald Freeman made welcoming remarks to the group and expressed the Foundation’s deep appreciation for the support it has received from Betty Azar.

Betty Azar
The 2007 TESOL Breakfast honored Betty Azar, seen here (left) with Joanne Dresner (middle) and Patsy Duff
McCloskey and Nunan
Mary Lou McCloskey and Trustee David Nunan, both Past TESOL President
McCloskey and Nunan
TIRF Trustee, Joanne Dresner (left) and Diane Larsen-Freeman