Editor’s note: In this piece, TIRF’s Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Damerow, shares some exciting news about TIRF President Kathi Bailey.

I am thrilled to announce to our supporters near and far that TIRF’s wonderful President, Dr. Kathi Bailey, is the 2021 recipient of the Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award (DSSA) from the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL)!

According to AAAL’s website, the DSSA recognizes and honors a distinguished scholar for her/his scholarship and service to the profession in general and to the American Association for Applied Linguistics in particular. It is fitting that Kathi receives this honor after serving as AAAL President and spending her entire career, which spans 40 years, working as a teacher, researcher, and administrator in the fields of applied linguistics, language teacher education, and language assessment.

Those who know Kathi personally will agree that she is among the humblest colleagues/friends they have. She constantly deflects praise she is due onto others. Rather than taking credit for her own accomplishments, she is quick to point out the pivotal roles others play. When I asked her for input in writing this piece, in true Kathi fashion, she quickly mentioned that we could highlight other TIRF Trustees – current and past – that have received this award.

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Although this piece is about Kathi receiving this prestigious award from AAAL, I’m happy to follow her lead. Former/current TIRF Trustees who have received the DSSA include Patsy Duff (2017), Dick Tucker (2003), and Jodi Crandall (2001). To see a complete list of DSSA recipients, please click here.

“I feel both honored and humbled to receive the DSSA,” Kathi said. She added, “I am looking forward to virtually joining the AAAL community early next year during the organization’s annual conference, and to reconnecting with so many colleagues and friends.”

Kathi’s many meritorious contributions to the field will be described at an awards event on the first day of the AAAL 2021 Virtual Conference on Saturday, March 20, 2021. She will give her featured DSSA presentation on Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Congratulations, Kathi! Your friends, colleagues, and loved ones could not be more pleased!