From Left to Right: MaryAnn Christison, Kathi Bailey, Michael Carrier, Naomi Silverman, and Ryan Damerow

TIRF collaborated with colleagues from Routledge last week to organize a session regarding their co-published series, Global Research on Teaching and Learning English, during the TESOL Convention held in Seattle, Washington. Presenters included TIRF Trustees Kathi Bailey, Michael Carrier, and MaryAnn Christison. TIRF’s Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Damerow, and Naomi Silverman, Publisher at Routledge, helped to organize the event.

During the presentation, the speakers took turns highlighting the four volumes in the series. Information provided about each book included the editors of the volumes, the topics covered, the contributors to the volumes, and the geographic representation of the research. Kathi Bailey shared information about the first volume in the series, Teaching and Learning English in the Arabic-Speaking World. MaryAnn Christison shared details about the second and third volumes in the series, Teaching and Learning English Grammar: Research Findings and Future Direction and Teacher Education and Professional Development in TESOL: Global Perspectives. Michael Carrier offered insights into the fourth and newest volume in the series, Digital Language Learning and Teaching: Research, Theory, and Practice. Brief details concerning TIRF’s forthcoming volume on language planning and policy were shared toward the end of the session. The fifth volume in the series is expected in February 2018.

Just before the session started, there was standing room only for attendees. More than 90 people participated in the session, many of whom participated in a lively discussion after the presentation was finished.

Immediately after the session was completed, editors of the volumes participated in a book signing at the Routledge booth in the publishers’ exhibition at the TESOL Convention. This event provided an excellent opportunity for TIRFers to network with individuals interested in the series.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for our colleagues at Routledge, including Naomi Silverman and Danielle Fontaine. Their efforts have helped to make the series a great success. We are also grateful to the many authors and editors who have contributed to the volumes. They have all agreed to forego royalties or honoraria so that any proceeds from the sale of the books can go to support TIRF’s programs.

Kathi Bailey Shares Information About the Forthcoming Volume in the TIRF-Routledge Series
Michael Carrier Shares Details about TIRF and Routledge’s “Digital Learning” Volume
MaryAnn Christison Highlights the TIRF-Routledge Volume on Grammar