If you missed TIRF’s presentation at the 2024 TESOL Convention, we have good news to share. A slidecast has been created and posted to TIRF’s website and YouTube Channel. Click here to access the recording.

The presentation is entitled “Generative AI and Language Education: An Exciting and Disruptive Era.” The abstract for the talk follows here: “The widespread availability and social acceptance of generative AI tools are delivering a watershed moment in society, with radical implications for education. TIRF and its partners explore the promise and peril of genAI in L2 education.” Comments from the discussion period with attendees at the end of the session is included in the recording.

The presenters of the TIRF session include: Dr. Cindy Berger (Duolingo), Dr. Evelina Galaczi (Cambridge University Press & Assessment), Dr. Joyce Kling (Lund University & TESOL International Association), Dr. Jun Liu (TIRF), Dr. Kara McBride (World Learning), Dr. Spiros Papageorgiou (Educational Testing Service), and Ms. Mina Patel (British Council). Bios for the presenters can be found at the end of a previous story published on TIRF’s website – click here.

TIRF has a number of other presentations and resource videos available to its supporters. Click here to learn more.