Each year, the Foundation solicits financial support from the public during its mid-year fundraising campaign. The aim is to raise money to support TIRF’s programmatic offerings and to help offset its administrative costs.

To put things simply, meeting our fundraising goals over the past several years has been difficult. For example, changes in the publishing industry have led to a decline in the size of gifts that sustained the Foundation in its early years.  When such changes occur, we have to use TIRF’s diminishing cash reserves in order to continue our operations. Even though our activities and visibility have increased in recent years, our overall fundraising abilities have not matched such growth.

If you benefit from TIRF and believe in our mission, we kindly ask you to support us with a tax-deductible donation. Gifts of any size are truly welcome. You may think that five- or ten-dollar contributions are not helpful, but they truly are.

Please read our mid-year appeal letter (click here), which provides information as to how you can make your gift. Many thanks for your consideration!