We are pleased to share the news that TIRF’s “Online Language Teacher Education: Participants’ Experiences and Perspectives” report is now available to download as an e-Book, a first-ever venture in TIRF’s commissioned papers efforts. The report was authored by Dr. Denise Murray and TIRF Trustee Dr. MaryAnn Christison.

Although the OLTE report may not be compatible on all e-book readers, we can confirm that it functions well on both Google Books and Publiwide Reader. Some users have reported that the processing time lasts for a short while after uploading the file to Google Books. However, once available, the functionality of the OLTE report in Google Books is outstanding. Google Books features tools such as a dictionary, translation commands (into many languages), highlighting, read aloud (similar to how an audio book would function), and much more. Publiwide, on the other hand, is not as dynamic as Google Books, but it does allow users to read the OLTE file. Both platforms are free to download and use.

The Foundation would like to recognize the outstanding efforts of Meredith Morgan, who worked tirelessly – and at no cost to TIRF – to convert the OLTE report into a file that would be readable as an e-book. We encourage our readers to check out her professional portfolio by clicking here.

Should you take the opportunity to read the above-mentioned TIRF report as an e-book, we would appreciate any feedback you may have for us. Please write to [email protected] with any comments you would like to share.