Each year in conjunction with the annual TESOL International Convention, TIRF hosts its spring Board meeting. However, as the pandemic continues to impede many individuals’ ability to travel, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees met online once again in March to hold its biannual meeting.

TIRF’s virtual meeting included reports on various critical areas of the Foundation’s operations. Trustee Donna Christian, in her role as the Foundation’s Treasurer, provided updates on TIRF’s fiscal position, including both last year and projections for 2022. In 2021, TIRF had projected a deficit, which it later turned into a modest surplus due to costs-savings measures throughout the year and increased support from the public.

Members of TIRF’s Board of Trustees and the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer

While 2022 has been projected as another deficit year, Trustees are working diligently to limit the potential loss and perhaps post a surplus again. Under TIRF Vice President Jun Liu’s leadership, the Foundation is continuing to explore partnership opportunities that will result in increased revenue generation. Doing so not only helps TIRF maintain its current activities, but allows for the Board to evaluate opportunities for establishing new programs.

Trustee and Publications Advisory Committee Chair Erik Gundersen provided an activities update to the Board, which included information about the “TIRF Insights” series and potential opportunities for new areas of service to partnering organizations. Similarly, Executive Committee member David Nunan shared updates about offering mentorship opportunities that could be on the horizon for TIRF. While such activities are in their nascent stages, the Foundation continues to evaluate opportunities for new areas of programmatic initiatives consistent with its mission.

Many thanks are owed to TIRF’s all-volunteer Board of Trustees, who are not paid for their service and are not reimbursed for any expenses they may incur related to their work for the Foundation.

Additional updates and news about areas of activity will be announced in the months ahead, before TIRF’s next meeting in September. Supporters are encouraged to monitor their inboxes at the end of each month when TIRF Today, the Foundation’s monthly newsletter, is released. Click here to subscribe.