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Alumni Map

To reinforce the “I” in TIRF, we are pleased to share the TIRF Alumni Map below. This resource helps to demonstrate the international work of the Foundation. Information provided for each of our grantees include their names, hometowns, educational institutions from which they earned their degrees (where appropriate), links to information about their studies, and photos.

TIRF has offered various types of grants in the past, however, we currently are only making awards via the TIRF Doctoral Dissertation Grants program and the TIRF-British Council Research Mentoring Awards program. This map includes recipients of these two TIRF programs, as well as grantees who were awarded Masters Research Grants, Priority Research Grants, and the TIRF Sheikh Nahayan Fellows.

As of September 2023, TIRF’s DDG program alone has resulted in 195 grantees from nearly 30 countries of the world. To expand this map to a full-screen view, click on the icon in the map in the upper-right corner.