As schools are beginning to reopen virtually and physically around the world, researchers, teachers, students, and others will be interested in this update from TIRF. Whether you’re a long-standing TIRF supporter or new to our website and newsletter, we want to remind you about the many helpful – and free – resources we offer on our website.

Via the “Resources” section of TIRF’s website, you and your colleagues can access a variety of useful information and links. This section of our website and its subpages remain some of the most frequently visited pages we maintain.  

For example, are you a graduate student or experienced researcher looking to get started on an academic project this fall? You will want to visit our “Reference List” page to see if we cover the topic you plan to investigate. There, you will find links to free, downloadable reference lists on more than 200 topics of interest to individuals in our field. It’s a great place to start or continue finding resources to help inform your project.

Are you interested in submitting a research-based paper you authored this summer? Be sure to check out our “Journals” section to find a platform to publish your study. 

Are you a teacher looking to expand the tools in your teaching toolbox? If so, we recommend that you visit our “Practical Resources” page, where you can find links to readings, activities, lessons, and so on.

Whether you are a first-year graduate student, a junior practitioner, or a senior professor, we wish you a successful new semester of studying, teaching, and researching!