Dear TIRF Trustees and Friends,

TIRF’s year-end fundraiser is coming up. It runs from today through December 31st. This is the season for celebration!

We celebrate the accomplishments TIRF has made during the past year and we cherish the hope that we will raise substantial funds for TIRF to support its mission. I understand that the global economy is suffering for various reasons, but I remain hopeful that with our shared vision and concerted efforts, TIRF will thrive in the coming year.

As noted in the lead story of our November newsletter,  TIRF’s Trustees are offering a matching campaign to all donors between now and the end of the year, with gifts matched dollar-for-dollar up to $17,525. Donating to TIRF during this campaign is an ideal way to sustain our shared vision for our field and to support TIRF’s efforts in advancing English language education research while maximizing the value of your gift.

TIRF’s revenue mix is shared below. As you can see, individual donors’ gifts have represented between roughly 14% and 26% of TIRF’s annual revenue generation over the last couple of years, with similar numbers expected this year. (Note that “Program Income” refers to revenue generated from the funding of specific TIRF programs (e.g., the Doctoral Dissertation Grants program.)

Program Income (Unrestricted)41.08%42.31%31.82%
Program Income (Restricted)9.27%13.92%12.91%
Individual Donors (Unrestricted)14.27%24.49%14.52%
Individual Donors (Restricted)0.70%1.71%1.29%
Service Income34.33%16.70%38.73%
Other (Book Royalties, Stock Dividends, Interest)0.36%0.87%0.73%
TIRF’s revenue mix from 2020 to 2022

As you can see in the three pie charts below, our program income has declined this year. While we projected our service income to increase in 2022, that goal has not materialized. Therefore, there is an even greater need for our year-end campaign this year to be a success, with support from our individual donors.

This year, we have provided new publications, resources, services, grants, and more, as shown on our newly constructed TIRF website. Yet, there is still much more we wish to do: add to our freely accessible resources, offer additional services, establish a research mentoring program, award more grants, and increase our organizational capacity. In accomplishing our goals, we are continuing to find ways to diversify our revenue streams in order to provide more benefits to researchers, and in particular, young, talented, rising stars in our field. 

I am indeed grateful to everyone who has supported TIRF in the past – with their time, expertise, and financial donations. I am also grateful to our DDG recipients, whose success has marked their new, promising journeys in our field.

As we continue our operations, I am calling on our DDG recipients to find a way to contribute to TIRF by introducing TIRF to their colleagues and students, giving to the Foundation, and joining us in providing more services to the field. I am also calling on all TIRF supporters to reflect on the impact you have made on those who have benefitted from your kindness and encourage you to continue your support of the Foundation.

Over the years, we have relied on your support and contributions to TIRF. A small gift will be put to great use if you are able to donate at this time. Click here to donate to TIRF.

I will close with these thoughts: Blessed are those who can give without remembering and receive without forgetting. What you give lives on forever.

Kind regards,

Jun Liu, TIRF President