Greek Goddess Maia

Supposedly, the month of May is named for the goddess Maia, a figure in Greek mythology. She was supposedly the goddess of growth and increase, which makes sense since May is springtime in the northern hemisphere.

There is also a saying that April showers bring May flowers. Taken literally, it is a comment on the seasons. Taken figuratively, the saying refers to sadness giving way to joy.

Here at TIRF, May has been a very busy month. Wyatt Boykin (see above) and TIRF Trustee Spiros Papageoriou and I are in the midst of editing the sixth book in the TIRF-Routledge series – a collection of empirical studies on language assessment. We are also updating our website resources and the reference lists.

But the most exciting increase is that a number of Doctoral Dissertation Grantees have completed their studies and submitted their final reports to the Foundation. We expect to run a story on these recent completions in the June issue of TIRF Today, after the final reports have been posted to our website.

June’s newsletter will also feature an interview with TIRF Trustees who have been with the Foundation since its inception twenty years ago. It would be amazing if everyone who has ever benefited from TIRF’s work would send the Foundation a birthday gift. Even $20 from each reader would be a tremendous boost to our extraordinarily lean budget!

Won’t you please support us by making a donation to TIRF? You can do so online by clicking here, or by sending a check drawn on a U.S. bank to the mailing address shown near the bottom of TIRF’s website. We look forward to sharing more anniversary plans with you in the June issue of TIRF Today.

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