Editor’s note: TIRF shares information from other organizations relevant to the Foundation’s supporters, as part of its mission. In this piece, we briefly highlight an upcoming webinar from the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL). The focus is directly related to TIRF’s Research Topic, “Research on Revitalization of Endangered Indigenous Languages.”

As part of its “Critical Conversations: Research to Policy and Practice” webinar series, CAL is hosting its next event on December 5th at 4:00pm ET. Information from a recent CAL announcement about the “Indigenous Language Reclamation” session follows here: “This webinar will provide an overview of initiatives in the area of Indigenous language reclamation. Panelists will share about research projects and programs designed to support Indigenous children in connecting to language, heritage, and culture. Webinar attendees will hear about what Indigenous-led research says about intergenerational language learning, land-based pedagogy, and the importance of Indigenous languages for early childhood learning.”

Panelists of the event include:

  • Mel M. Engman, PhD, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr. Mary Hermes (Waabishkimiigwan), University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Tarajean Yazzie-Mintz, EdD, First Light Education Project, LLC
  • Andrea Sterzuk, University of Regina
  • Igone Arteagoitia, Center for Applied Linguistics

Registration is required but free. Click here to register.