tirf_givingtuesday_rdDear TIRF Supporter,

As you may have read in TIRF’s November newsletter, #GivingTuesday is upon us and TIRF could really use your help. With this email, I am asking for you to please donate to TIRF.

Shortly after sending the November edition of TIRF Today last week, I received some brief notes from two of our most staunch supporters – individuals who have been donating to TIRF for years. Both donors expressed concern about TIRF’s current financial picture, saying that the news is very sobering.

Indeed, our fiscal position is a real challenge. But I am hoping that with this #GivingTuesday message I can entice AT LEAST a few supporters to help ease some of our concerns by making a donation to TIRF.

To demonstrate how much your financial assistance is needed, I am offering a challenge to all donors – existing and prospective – to donate to TIRF between now and the end of Friday, December 2nd. For every gift TIRF receives, regardless of size, I will personally match those gifts with $25, up to $500 total.

Over the past seven years of serving TIRF, I have seen the difference our programs are making in people’s lives. I have witnessed the dedication of TIRF’s Trustees, and I am a believer in the need for the research findings that TIRF provides to our field. We continue to try to find ways to minimize our costs and to expand our programs, but the path is not easy.

With this brief note, I would like to encourage you – even implore you – on this #GivingTuesday to click here and donate whatever you can to TIRF.

In case you do not feel that my message is compelling, perhaps you would like to read some unsolicited thank-you notes from our supporters. Or perhaps you would enjoy listening to comments from Katie Bernstein, Alannah Fitzgerald, Beth Clark-Gareca, or some of our other grantees, who all believe in TIRF’s mission and think that you should too.

If it is within your means, please make a donation to TIRF and join us in our mission to address some of the most pressing issues language educators like you are facing in today’s classrooms.

Kind regards,
Ryan Damerow
Chief Operating Officer, TIRF